Early STEM Lab Workshop
Essential 21st Century Skills
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Early STEM Lab


Your Pre-School Student will explore basic concepts of STEM to help them become more confident in their understanding of the natural world. Each week students will be engaged in topics such as: describing objects as alive or not alive, comparing acids and bases, experimenting with forces, learning what role magnets have on earth, and much more. Students will conduct experiments and engage in multi-sensory activities to help provide them with first hand knowledge experiences.


Jan 17
Thursdays @ 1:00-2:00

Early STEM Lab

16 Weeks, 1 Hour/Week

Morningside Day Out Preschool

Held At:
Morningside Day Out Preschool

Schedule: 01/17, 01/24, 01/31, 02/07, 02/14, 02/21, 02/28, 03/07, 03/14, 03/21, 03/28, 04/11, 04/18, 04/25, 05/02, 05/09

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