The World of Science™ 2018 Workshop
Essential 21st Century Skills
brought to your Neighborhood

The World of Science™ 2018

Ages 6-11

Join us as we explore the World of Science in 2018. Students will utilize Cutting-Edge Technology, build programable LEGO creations, and be exposed to a myriad of resources to acquire essential 21st Century Skills in our popular, creativity-focused, social-learning environment.

Students will take part in a wide range of Hands-On activities where we answer questions like: How do you program a Robot to navigate an obstacle course? What makes a car go faster? and How do alarms work? Students will build the tallest building, Build Modular Robots, and conduct experiments.

This camp has be updated for 2018 to provide brand new experiences for returning campers.


Unfortunetally, we are not offering this workshop at the moment. Please contract us if you are interested in enrolling into this Workshop so we may contact you when it is added to our schedule again in the future.