Learning Pods Microschool for Virtual Learners

What are Learning Pods?

Learning Pods are offered throughout our MicroSchool network and provide Virtual Learners with a safe environment to study away from home.

Each Learning Pod will not exceed 8 Students. They will receive invaluable supervision and support from a dedicated Learning Coordinator.

A one-time Administrative fee of $50 is due prior to your first day of class.*

Learning Coordinator

ensure students stay on track with their school schedule and help them manage their time wisely

Study Skills

provide study skills tailored to their individual learning needs


assist students with class assignments and test prep

Progress Updates

provide regular progress updates

Technical Support

assist students with computer-related issues

School Supplies

learning environment equipped with essential school supplies
* A one-time Administrative fee of $50 is due on your first day of class and is payable to Learning Ridge, LLC. Learning Ridge will contact with you within 5 Business Days of your completed Registration and provide you with an Enrollment Packet, as well as take some time to discuss your learning objectives and other essential aspects of about your student.

About Learning Ridge

Learning Ridge, LLC was founded by Christine Javier with the goal of helping students reach their full potential. Christine holds a Masters in Education and has helped gifted and exceptional students for the last 16 Years within the public and private education sector. The Company has helped families by providing tutoring and enrichment, coaching for virtual learners, Private School Consulting, and College Counseling and Tutoring.

Peachtree Road UMC

Our MicroSchool at PRUMC is located in the heart of Buckhead


  • Spacious Outdoor Play Area
  • Vending Machine
  • Convenient Parking
  • Friendly Community


  • Carpool solutions provided by Beeline Pickups
  • Friday Lunch Catering Option Available
PRUMC Sports & Recreation
3180 Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA 30305
Christine Javier, EdM
President, Learning Ridge, LLC
Phone: (404) 964-8533
Debbie Walker
Enrichment Director, PRUMC
Phone: (404) 240-8254

Daily Schedule

8:00-8:30 Breakfast

For families needing an Early Start, Students may be dropped off at the PRUMC Multi-Purpose Room as early as 8:00am. They may use this time for Breakfast or other independent activities.

Students will be distanced from each other based on the Pods they are assgned to.

8:30-9:00 Drop-Off We'll use this time to get students settled in, and get them ready for their day. Students can be dropped off between 8:30 and 9:00
9:00-12:00 Learning Pods

Learning Coordinators will make sure that all students are on task with their individual schedules. Furthermore, they will assist students with managing their workload and provide clairification on class work. Coordinators will utilize a proactive approach in managing academic expectations.

Children are encourages to take learning breaks when needed.

12:00-12:30 PE / Recess Indoor & outdoor space available for play and recreation. We will be offering light to moderate PE Activities during this time; participation is optional.
12:25-12:30 Early Carpool Pickup for Half-Day Students: 12:25-12:30
12:30-1:00 Lunch Please provide your student with a meal for lunch. No meals are provided at this time. If you are interested in catered meal please get in touch with us.

Students will stay with their Pods during lunch to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

1:00-2:40 Learning Pods Students will receive support class work and test preparation. Students will remain in their assigned pods during this time.
2:40-3:00 Carpool Pickup for Full-Day Students: 2:40-3:00

Information on Policies

Q: How are students grouped into Pods?
A: We will separate students into pods by Grade level. Early grades (e.g. 1st and 2nd Graders) will be placed into the same pod. Students that live in the same household or that are part of an established social circle may also be placed together regardless of grade the prevent the spreading of COVID-19. You will be able to indicate you preference in your Enrollment package
Q: How is carpool handled?
A: We will be using a Carpool app to handle carpool. Once you arrive, the app will alert us, and your child will be sent/escorted out to you. Please understand that we would like to avoid individuals from entering the building to avoid the spread of COVID-19.
Q: How are students grouped outside of the classroom?
A: During Breakfast, Lunch, Recess, and Pickup, students will remain with their Pods, and will be socially distanced from other Pods.
Q: How many Learning Coordinators are assigned to my students pod?
A: Each Pod of up to 8 students will have a dedicated learning coordinator. This coordinator will be assigned to the Pod for the duration of the Term (see Schedule Below). In some cases, essential staff (e.g. the Administrator, or the Enrichment Director) may also be present for brief periods. A substitue Coordinator may also be assigned to the pod when needed.
Q: Are Face Masks Required?
A: To ensure the safty of everyone, both staff and students will be required to wear a face mask during all times indoors. Coordinators will bring students outside for short breaks, where students may remove their mask as long as they continue to practice recommended social distancing measures. Further details will be shared soon.


Half Day Full Day
Term 1
Aug 17—Aug 28, 2020
(2 Weeks)
$550 / Student $650 / Student Enroll
Term 1b
Aug 24—Aug 28, 2020
(1 Week)
$275 / Student $325 / Student Enroll
Term 2
Aug 31—Sep 25, 2020
(4 Weeks)
$1,100 / Student $1,300 / Student Enroll
Term 3
Sep 28—Oct 23, 2020
(4 Weeks)
$1,100 / Student $1,500 / Student
$1,300 / Student
Early Bird Discount
Term 4
Oct 26—Nov 20, 2020
(4 Weeks)
$1,100 / Student $1,500 / Student
$1,300 / Student
Early Bird Discount
Term 5
Nov 30—Dec 18, 2020
(3 Weeks)
$825 / Student $1,125 / Student
$975 / Student
Early Bird Discount

Getting Started

  1. Enroll your Student at PRUMC here.
  2. We will then contact you within 5-Business Days to gather information on your student and send you our Enrollment Packet.
  3. Please review documents and complete any forms in our Enrollment Packet. This packet will include information on our procedures, and will gather additional informtion about your student (e.g. School Information, Emergency Contact, Learning Needs, etc...).
  4. Pay the one-time $50 Administrative Fee, (you will receive a PayPal Invoice with your packet.)

Additional Services

We are equiped to provide a number of additional services to help your student achieve their educational goals:

Homework Zone

Homework Zone runs from 3:00-5:00 and is avaialbe to all Full Day Students who need to stay late, or would benefit from additional guided assistance. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.


One-on-One Tutoring is available after 3:00. Please contact us to arrange a personalized schedule and learning plan.

Technology Rental

Our MicroSchool will have tablets and Chromebooks available rental. $5/Day

Catered Lunch

We are evaluating Catered Lunch as an option for our Students. If you are interested in this option please contact us.