Support for ELL

Premium Support for English Language Learners

Every student's situation is different, and we understand that better than anyone. We have a great selection of Premium Specialized Programs that work well in an ELL setting. Our instructors are equipped to work with student of diverse backgrounds, and help them navigate through the obstacles of learning a new language.

Specialized Programs for English Langauge Learners

  • Reading

    Decoding and Fluency

    Learning to read in English is one of your primary objectives:


    Younger students typically need help in learning how to read and sound out the English alphabet. Our phonics program can help students make sense of the english alphabet.

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    Reading Instruction

    The english language is full of anomalies that can be very difficult for English Language Learners. Our reading intervention program is effective in helping students read more fluently and understand what they are reading.

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  • Handwriting

    Writing the Latin alphabet

    We take our 52 uppercase and lowercase letters for granted. However, these 52 characters may quickly become an obstacle for students whose native language does not utilize the latin alphabet, e.g. Greek, Russian, Japanese, Korean.

    We utilize a research-based handwriting curriculum that breaks up the alphabet into repeating shapes, making it easier to learn. Students of all ages will have fun and learn productively.

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  • Fast ForWord

    Building Foundational Language Skills

    The Fast ForWord reading intervention program can have a tremendous impact on the acquisition of the English language for ELL students, both in and out of the classroom.

    • Helps students hear the critical differences between sounds so that so they can make sense of the English language.
    • Provide extra academic support and learning opportunities in reading and language
    • Comprehend both spoken and written English, building fluency, vocabulary, syntax, grammar, and other language skills

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