Homeschool Support

Premium Support for Non-Traditional Schooling

Every student's situation is different, and we understand that better than anyone. The type of homeschooling support we provide is ideal for the following types of students:

  • Online Homeschooling Students enrolled in an on-line homeschooling provider (e.g. Georgia Cyber Academy, Georgia Connections Academy, etc...) may require additional support. We can help you with tutoring and assist you with documentation.
  • Exceptional Students (e.g. Student who are Child Actors, Athletes, or Musicians). In these cases homeschooling is an effective way to get around a schedule that will not work with traditional schooling. Our office is open during the odd hours of the week and we will work with your schedule.
  • Accelerated Learning Particularly gifted students may find a change of pace welcoming. We create and implement personalized learning plans that match your students pace.
  • Hospital/Homebound (HHB) Students, who may have been away from the class room for a few months and need to get back on track. Our Location is also open year round in case you need to catch up during the summer. We also provide in-home tutoring.

What We Offer

  • Tutoring

    Expert Instruction for K–12

    We can assist you with a wide array of programs to provide you with the support your student needs. You may just need assistance with one subject, or you might need our help planning out the entire school year. Whatever your needs are, we can guide you onto the path the success.

    Specialized Programs

    Younger students typically need help in other general areas of study. Learning Ridge provides a curated selection of Specialized Programs to help students with Reading, Writing, and Math.

    Signature Tutoring™

    Whatever subject you need help with we can provide you with tailored one-on-one support, and help you understand the subject matter and be prepared for you tests.

  • Planning

    Laying out your path for the whole year...

    There's a lot to do when you take on homeschooling your student. Sometimes you might not even know where to start.

    Lesson Plans and Curriculum Selection

    We can lay out a plan for each subject, identify when you need to study and more importantly, when to get done.

    Learning Schedule

    Knowing your student's Strengths and Weaknesses is the key to homeschooling. We understand students' talents and their limitations; This understanding helps us define the right priorities, intensity and schedule in meeting their goals for the school year.

    Lesson and Attendance Logs

    We can provide you with Lesson and Attendance Logs to insure you the meet the requirements of your Department of Education.

  • Learning Coach

    Helping you Stay Compliant

    Many Parents of homeschoolers who chose to take advantage of many on-line options may quickly find themselves overwhelmed with the responsibilities if their new role as a Learning Coach. We can assist you by working with you and the school in staying compliant with the many documentation requirements such as Administration of Records, Attendance Logs, and Progress Reports

  • Academic Planning

    Getting on the College Track

    It's easy to lose track of your long-term educational goals when you're focused on planning your day-to-day activities. We can help you lay our your academic path into High School, College and other Post-Secondary Paths.

  • Fieldtrips

    Thinking outside the box

    The great thing about homeschooling is that you're not stuck inside if you don't want to be. Learning Ridge nurtures relationships with countless companies and organizations in the Atlanta area. We can advise you on suitable fieldtrip ideas and even organize and lead your fieldtrip by one of our highly qualified educators.

  • Classroom

    Suitable Learning Environments

    Are you in need of a proper classroom to support your Homeschool Group? Current Client may utilize our classroom before or after sessions.