Pre-Literacy Building a Foundation for Reading

Learning the ABC's has never been this fun.

Proper instruction is essential to building a strong foundation in reading. For years we've utilized an effective approach and utilized a trusted curriculum to introduce students to the alphabet systematically. This has helped students develop solid reading skills throughout kindergarten and beyond.

By understanding your student's individual learning style and needs, we create a learning plan and engage your student into fun activities that play to your student's strengths and lay the groundwork for a successful academic path.

Program Features

Trained Instructors

Our sessions are intended to have a significant impact. Our instructors are not only familiar with the curriculum but also in multi-sensory reading methodologies such as Orton-Gillingham. As a result, concepts will be conveyed to your students in a way that will yield lasting results.

Productive Play

This Program is designed to make reading fun for students. Countless hands-on activities get students out of their chair and help them learn through productive play and memorable activities.

Original Materials

As part of your course kit, your student will receive their own workbook and materials. We will also guide you in using some of these materials with your student when we're not around.

What's in the Course Kit?

After assessing your student, we will provide all original materials needed to conduct an effective session. Included are workbooks and manipulatives, some of which are yours to keep.

Additional materials may also be provided by the instructor to individualize sessions to your student's needs.

When should I consider Pre-Literacy instruction for my student?

Most young students will highly benefit from Pre-Literacy Instruction. This Specialized Program is right for you if:
  • Your student is struggling with traditional classroom instructions
  • Your student has a gap in reading and needs a program they can relate to
  • Your student learns more effectively with a hands-on, interactive approach
  • Your student is not optimally prepared for Kindergarten
  • -or-

  • Your student is in a homeschool environment and you are looking for an effective curriculum with professional guidance and support.

Questions? We have Answers...

  1. Are there benefits to hiring Learning Ridge rather than just buying the materials and teaching my child myself?

    Yes. In most cases, you will see better results when your child is working with a Learning Ridge Instructor as they are able to effectively respond to any reading obstacles with proper research-based remediation.

    Furthermore, purchasing your own set of books, resources, teacher's materials, and learning how to utilize them can become cost-prohibitive and time-consuming; not to mention that selecting the wrong skill-level and utilizing improper techniques could even result in further confusing your student.

    With Learning Ridge you'll get exactly what you need and see results in less time - and time is the most crucial commodity in your child's education.