Singapore Math

Singapore Math

Singapore Math is an international math curriculum available for students from Kindergarten to eighth grade. The Singapore Math Curriculum centers on problem solving, model drawing, and essential math skills. Concepts taught in the Singapore Math program are aligned with the Curriculum Focal Points of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Mathematics Advisory Board as well as the Common Core Standards.

Learning Ridge believes that all students should have a firm grasp of fundamental mathematical concepts. In an effort to 'demystify' the math process, we have compiled the structured courses of Singapore Math and other ancillary materials to help your student achieve the best results. Our focus is to work alongside your student at their individual pace focusing on their strengths and challenges. Students will be able to master mathematical concepts with our teaching methods and materials as well as build confidence in their mathematical problem solving skills.

Enrolling into a Specialized Program


First, we will assess your child's current skill level with a comprehensive test aligned with intuitive standards for the particular program. We will also discuss your learning objectives to get a better idea of your goals.


Then, we discuss our findings with you and recommend the appropriate Course for their Skill Level. The Courses are designed around specific Standards and you will receive a Course Kit that contains everything needed for the tutor to conduct the lessons. The materials are yours to keep.

Learning Schedule

Once you've purchased the Course Kit, we will set up a learning schedule that works for you and your child's individual needs.

What's in the Course Kit?

Our Kits contain all materials your child will need in order to meet the standards of the particular coarse. They may also contain manipulatives and worksheets. Some Kits will also have access to online resources.

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