Specialized Programs Closing the Gap in Reading, Writing, and Math

The First Years Matter the Most

Getting a grasp on reading, writing and math can be a bit of a struggle for some young learners. That's why Learning Ridge offers a compelling array of programs based on the industry's most successful Research-Based Techniques to get your child mastering those fundamental skills early.

These Specialized programs are not just for Pre-Schoolers and Kindergarteners, but also for students in Elementary and Middle School who are still struggling to close the gap on those essential areas.

Our programs are highly individualized to help your student catch up, gain self confidence, and achieve at their level.

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Which Program is Right for your Student?

The table below illustrates a range of learning areas - use it to help you identify the Specialized Program best suited for your student's particular needs.

Most of our Specialized Programs are designed for remediating gaps in learning, while others are effective for instruction: either exposing students to new concepts or supplementing existing education.

for K–12 for Grades Remediation Instruction
Reading Intervention K – 5 Learn More »
Mathematics K – 8 Learn More »
Print Handwriting K – 5 Learn More »
Cursive Handwriting 3 – 8 Learn More »
Language Skills K – 12 Learn More »
English Language Learners K – 12 Learn More »
for Pre-Kindergarten for Grades Remediation Instruction
Pre-Literacy Pre-K – K Learn More »
Kindergarten Readiness Pre-K – K Learn More »
Pre-K Math Pre-K – K Contact Us »

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How We Achieve Our Stellar Results:


We will assess your student's current skill level with a comprehensive test for your chosen specialized program. We also discuss your learning objectives and get better idea of your goals. Finally, we enroll your student in a level best suited to achieve those goals.

Individualized Plan

We adhere to a comprehensive learning plan, outlining a personalized schedule and the areas that we will focus on with your student. We want to shed light on this process to give you peace of mind in knowing what your student will be working on.

Progress Monitoring

Through a series of reports, metrics and progress monitoring, we know how far your student has come and what still lies ahead. This allows us to make adjustments when needed. The Result: Faster Progress, Improved Retention and Lasting Results.

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The Orton-Gillingham reading methodology is a collection of Multisensory Techniques to guide children through the reading process from Pre-K through Elementary School.

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Fast ForWord®

Fast ForWord stands alone in its research foundation and results. More than 250 research studies prove that Fast ForWord can build the foundational language and cognitive skills that so many struggling learners and English Language Learners need to succeed.

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Get Set For School®

Get Set For School® is a Multisensory Pre-K program which teaches sudents the essential skills needed in order to begin a lifetime of joyful learning.

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Explode The Code®

Explode The Code® has been a successful direct phonics insturction program for over 30 years. This research-based and teacher-tested program meets and exceeds “No Child Left Behind” requirements and National Reading Panel Standards.

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Handwriting Without Tears®

Handwriting Without Tears® is a Multi-Sensory handwriting program which is used by many private schools and is now made available to you by Learning Ridge. Our Tutors are Pre-K through 5 Certified.

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Singapore Math

Our Mathematics program, Singapore Math, exposes kids to mathematic concepts playful, engaging and effective manner and is designed for Average and Advanced Math Students.

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