Summer Learning

A Little Goes a Long Way...

When summer finally arrives, the last thing kids want to do is study. Over the long summer break most students experience Summer Learning Loss, impacting academic goals:

  • Loss of study skills causes a difficulty in retaining new information making it necessary for your child to re-learn how to effectively study and retain information.
  • Loss of knowledge and skill sets that your child has worked so hard to attain throughout the previous school year. Many children experience a noticeable deterioration in spelling or an inability to solve certain math problems they would have easily mastered in the previous school year.
  • Loss of handwriting caused by the lack hands-on writing impairs fine-motor dexterity and penmanship.

Most children will fall behind within the first few weeks of the new school year. As they could be mastering new skill sets, students instead battle a deficit that could affect academic performance throughout the entire school year as they struggle to catch up.

My Summer Goals Are...

As a parent, you're always looking out for your children. We're here to make things a little easier: Whether it's improving grades, maintaining proficiency, or getting ready for your next big goal, we've got a solution for every task.

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten is their first big step, and having a solid footing couldn't be more important. Let's make sure they hit the ground running!

Reading Fluency

Summer is the perfect time to make reading your focus. We utilize the Orton-Gillingham methodology to get the result you're looking for.


Is your student struggling to keep up with note-taking during class? Is their writing illegible? We utilize an award-winning program to solve such issues.

Math Fluency

Many student struggle with their math facts. Students who feel challenged by their current curriculum will find Singapore Math more accessible.

Better Writing Skills

Is your student struggling with writing? Our Language Arts programs can help with Composition, Grammar and Vocabulary.

College Preparedness

Are you planning on making the most out of your summer? Let's get started on your college track.

10 Advantages of Summer Learning with Learning Ridge

  1. Hit the Ground Running; our programs are designed as a preventive measure to Summer Learning Loss to ensure your child retains what they already know, while also filling the gaps in areas in need of improvement.
  2. In-Home Tutoring means we come to you, so you have more summer for you to enjoy with your child.
  3. Individually Designed and Targeted because every child has different needs, we tailor sessions to your child's specific needs and your goals for the summer.
  4. Low Impact and flexible scheduling; this program won't interfere with the many activities that you may have already planned for your summer.
  5. Progress Monitored You will be informed and updated on your child's performance and areas of improvement.
  6. Fun and stress-free Don't sweat it! Unlike tutoring during the school year, where grades are the objective, this program is designed to be enjoyable for children to improve retention and affectivity.
  7. Ease the Transition into the next school year.
  8. Structure Keeping learning on your mind will also help parents with the transition into the next school year.
  9. Get Ahead your student will be able to excel in areas that they are good at
  10. It's an Investment, because just a few hours spent over the summer could mean better overall grades and hundreds of dollars saved in tutoring during the next school year.

Questions? We have Answers...

  1. Would my student benefit?

    Every student can benefit from summer learning: A-Students are able to retain their knowledge and even become advanced in particular subjects. Students with C's and D's gain an opportunity the close the gap and improve their grades in the new year.

  2. How many sessions are recommended to be effective?

    The number of sessions depend on grades and your unique learning goals. However, for an average student with A's and B's we typically arrange a session every other week.

  3. Should I worry about Summer Learning Loss if my child is a 'Straight-A' student?

    Yes, summer learning loss affects all students. Though some are more affected than others, our Summer Learning program will help your child retain their skills that they've worked so hard for.