Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord

After Fast ForWord, learners can improve their language and reading by up to two grade levels in as little as three months, simultaneously boosting performance across all areas of study. And research has shown that these gains endure over time.

Fast ForWord Provider
Learning Ridge, LLC is an official Fast ForWord Provider. Our Fast ForWord Learning Coordinators are certified by Scientific Learning to provide Fast ForWord Products and Services.

What can Fast ForWord® do for your Student?

  • Elementary School Students

    Grades K-5

    Fast ForWord can give students an everyday advantage by enhancing the brains processing power, leading to improved cognitive and language skills, sometimes in as little as three months.

    • Build foundational elementary school reading and language skills
    • Move Students towards grade level reading skills
    • Increased self-esteem
    • A new excitement towards learning
    • Learn more successfully in the classroom
    • Improved ability to follow directions
  • Middle & High School

    Grades 6-8

    Fast ForWord can help struggling preteen and teenage readers become more confident as they build their literacy skills. The program features age-appropriate exercises, characters, and artwork, designed to appeal to secondary school students.

    • Move Students towards grade level reading skills
    • Build a solid learning foundation
    • Enhance listening and communication skills
    • Strengthen Processing efficiency
    • Improve overall academic performance
  • ELL

    English Language Learners

    The Fast ForWord reading intervention program can have a tremendous impact on the acquisition of the English language for ELL students, both in and out of the classroom.

    • Helps students hear the critical differences between sounds so that so they can make sense of the English language.
    • Provide extra academic support and learning opportunities in reading and language
    • Comprehend both spoken and written English, building fluency, vocabulary, syntax, grammar, and other language skills
  • Special Education Students

    Fast ForWord addresses the core cause of your student's learning difficulties by targeting foundational phonics, language, memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills. It is one of the most powerful and unique reading interventions ever created.

Why Choose Learning Ridge?

Our Fast ForWord Learning Coordinators are certified in Fast ForWord and we also utilize exactly the same resources as other providers. So what makes us better?

We are primarily and Educational Management company, with expertise an a multitude of different remediation programs. For many students, Fast ForWord is only one aspect towards a well-planned remediation strategy - we look at the big picture, and devise a remediation plan that will yield the highest result at the best value.

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  1. When should I consider Fast ForWord for my student?

    Fast ForWord is ideal for students struggling in reading, listening and information processing. However, not all solutions are ideal for every student. Our goal is to help you by planning an individualized remediation strategy to guild your student onto the path to success.