Specialized Programs: Handwriting Without Tears®

Handwriting Without Tears®

Handwriting Without Tears

At Learning Ridge, we know that good handwriting is important for any child's success. We have added the Handwriting Without Tears® into our portfolio of services because we believe it to be one of the best programs to teach students the fundamentals of handwriting.

Handwriting fluency is fundamental to learning because children think and write at the same time. When we teach children to write, we also teach them how to express themselves. If they struggle to form their letters, their ability to express themselves will suffer. Children who don’t master handwriting may be slow, sloppy, or illegible writers.[1]

Enrolling into a Specialized Program

Schedule a Handwriting Assessment

First, we will assess your student's current handwriting skill level to determine at which level to start.

Order your Course Kit

Your Personal Kit will contain everything we need to create an effective session.

Start Your Tutoring Schedule

Once you're personal Course Kit is ready, we will set up a learning schedule that works for you and your child's individual needs.

What's Included in the Handwriting Without Tears® Enrollment?

After completing your assessment, we will provide you with all materials needed to conduct an effective HWT session. Included are also original HWT workbooks and materials, which are yours to keep.

Handwriting Workshops

We currently do not have any related Workshops Scheduled.

Please Contact Us to request a workshop you may be interested in.

Questions? We have Answers...

  1. Are there benefits to hiring Learning Ridge rather than just buying HWT materials and teaching my child myself?

    Yes. In most cases, you will see better results when your child is working with a certified tutor - all of our tutors are HWT K-5 Certified and will be able to effectively respond to any handwriting obstacles with proper research-based remediation.

    Furthermore, purchasing your own set of books, resources, teacher's materials, and learning how to utilize them can become cost-prohibitive and time-consuming; not to mention that selecting the wrong skill-level and utilizing improper techniques could even result in futher confusing your student.

    With Learning Ridge you'll get exactly what you need and see results in less time - and time is the most crucial commodity in your child education.

  2. Shouldn't the school curriculum be sufficient in teaching my child proper Handwriting?

    Most children are able to grasp adequate handwriting skills in school, but some student may have fallen behind, and many schools do not have the time or resources to devote special attention or specialized techniques to individual students that may be struggling. As a result, the student falls behind and may not be able to catch up.

    Handwriting Without Tears®, when instructed by a certified educator, is designed to remediate your students individual needs to significantly improve their handwriting.