Learning Ridge Olde Towne
Opening Monday, May 19th 2014 — Please call to Schedule an Appointment.

Guiding Students onto the Path to Success

Learning Ridge's suite of premium educational solutions will be offered at our Olde Towne Location, to provide your student with an even wider range of services than ever before.

Services offered at Olde Towne:
  • Summer Camps & Summer Workshops
  • Small-Group Workshops
  • Individualized Tutoring
  • Parent Information Sessions (Meetups)
  • Private Consultation
  • Homeschool Support (Classroom Rental and Teachers)

Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Summer Learning

In the many weeks of the summer, students often lose much of the knowledge they've worked so hard for. But just a little can go a long way. Summer Learning is a lineup of award-winning programs with the purpose of engaging students to help them maintain their vital skills in Handwriting, Math, and Language.

  • Class Format

    Designed with your Summer Schedule in Mind

    Enrollments are broken down into 2-week cycles with every subject offered on a daily basis for K-5 (Rising 1st-6th). Differant topcis are covered in every cycle and students are grouped into classes based on grade level to ensure apropriate level of diffuculty.

    Weeks Available:

    Cycle 1: June 2 – 13
    Cycle 2: June 16 – 27
    Cycle 3: July 7 – 18
    Cycle 4: July 21 – Aug 1

    So if you're on vacation, or just need a couple of weeks off, we'll always have a seat available for you.

  • Daily Schedule

    Summer 2014

    Classes run for 45-minute each and will be conducted by trained instructors.

    Select Your Student Grade Level to View Options:

    Primary Elementary: K-1 (Rising 1st and 2nd Grade)
    Intermediate Elementary: 2-3 (Rising 3rd and 4th Grade)
    * May choose Print or Cursive
    Upper Elementary: 4-5 (Rising 5th and 6th Grade)

    Room Assignments:

    Mon-Fri Room A Room B
    8:00 Singapore Math
    for Rising 1st/2nd Graders
    Language Arts
    for Rising 3rd/4th Graders
    8:45 Singapore Math
    for Rising 3rd/4th Graders
    Language Arts
    for Rising 1st/2nd Graders
    9:30 Break
    9:45 Handwriting Without Tears®
    Print (Grade K-3)
    Handwriting Without Tears®
    Cursive (Grade 2-3)
    10:30 Chess -or- LEGO® Club
    All Grades
    Handwriting Without Tears®
    Cursive (Grade 4-5)
    11:15 Break and K-3 Aftercare Pickup
    11:30 Singapore Math
    for Rising 5th/6th Graders
    12:15 Language Arts
    for Rising 5th/6th Graders

  • Subjects

    Designed to prevent Summer Learning Loss.

    We are offering the following quality programs this summer:

    Handwriting Without Tears® (Print, Cursive)

    One of the first things students notice when returning to school is the loss of handwriting legibility, fluency and spelling. By including a handwriting curriculum into your summer routine, your student will not just maintain their handwriting but also improve.

    » Cycle 1,3 Topics: Beginner Print / Beginner Cursive
    » Cycle 2,4 Topics: Advanced Print / Advanced Cursive

    Singapore Math

    For many students, Math is a daily struggle. But it doesn't have to be that way. Singapore Math is a multi-sensory curriculum that engages students in a fun and entertaining way. We cover topics from the previous school year to help your student improve and often close the gap before impacting grades in the fall.

    » Cycle 1 Topics: Beginning Word Problems + Math Sprints
    » Cycle 2 Topics: Advanced Word Problems + Math Sprints
    » Cycle 3 Topics: Beginning Process Skills + Speed Math
    » Cycle 4 Topics: Advanced Process Skills + Speed Math

    Language Arts

    Students who read books and write stories over the summer will have a noticeable advantage over students who do not. We go a few steps further by providing a structured approach to reading comprehension and composition that students can relate to.

    » Cycle 1 Topics: Beginning Comprehension + Vocabulary
    » Cycle 2 Topics: Advanced Comprehension + Vocabulary
    » Cycle 3 Topics: Beginning Comprehension + Composition
    » Cycle 4 Topics: Advanced Comprehension + Composition

    LEGO® Builder Club

    Students will be provided with a large variety of LEGO® components to let their creativity run wild. Daily topics will engage students to solve specific problems and engage in higher order thinking.

    LEGO® is a Registered Trademark of the LEGO Group. Its use does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement of Learning Ridge, LLC.

    Chess Club

    Students will be able to compete against each other in the game of chess and engage socially. Students who have never played chess will learn how to play.

  • Materials

    All Inclusive and Hassle-Free

    We provide Worksheets, Supplies and Materials for every subject at no additional charge. All supplies and writing utensils will we kept in the classroom, so you don't have to bring anything to class, not even a pencil.

  • Pricing & Enrollment

    To Enroll, please contact Learning Ridge - Olde Towne

    • Site Manager: Christine Javier Ed. M.
    • Call: (404) 964-8533
    • E-mail: christine@learningridge.com
    • Online: Contact Form

    2-Week Packages 2-Week Price 1-4)
    Single Enrollement
    1 Class or Club Daily
    $150 /2 wks
    Academic Package
    3 Classes Daily
    $295 /2 wks
    Full Package
    3 Classes + 1 Club Daily
    $395 /2 wks
    1) $100 of your Enrollment Fee is Non-refundable. 2) Late enrollments will be pro-rated at a rate of -$10/Missed Day 3) No rebates for missed classes after enrollment 4) Payments must be received in Full 7 Days Prior to first day. 5) Aftercare not included in price. 6) A $50 late pickup fee will be assesed per hour (roundend up) for students not collected after 1:30pm.

  • Aftercare

    Provided By Sports A Rama

    Sports A Rama is located a mere 2 minute walking distance from Learning Ridge - Olde Towne. At specific times, students will be escorted to Sports A Rama by a staff member. Take advantage of this great aftercare option by adding Sports A Rama Summer Camp to Summer Learning for a full day of fun academic enrichment and playful activities.

    Camp available until 3:00pm

    Please contact Sport A Rama to setup aftercare.

    More details will be provided soon.