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When you want to get the most out of your student's education, sometimes a specialized school (e.g. Preparatory Schools, Private Schools, Magnet Schools and various other Independent Schools) is the best way to go. But too often, dealing with the Admission Requirements, which vary widely from school to school, in addition to studying for the admissions exams, may be very frustrating for parents and students.

To minimize your stress and increase your chances of admittance, Learning Ridge offers a wide range of services to get you and your student prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in your student's academic path.

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What We Offer

  • Admission Preparation

    Helping your child build essential cognitive skills, one session at a time.

    We help your student develop essential skills in preparation the SSAT/ISEE and other Admissions Tests, helping them score at their highest potential.

    Subject Tutoring

    We provide a full range of subject tutoring to help you student fill in the gaps in preparation for the SSAT/ISEE. We have the expertise to help your student attain the academic proficiency needed to become successful, and we will provide fully aligned materials to save you the hassle of finding the right books for your student.

    Study Skills & Test Taking Techniques

    Many students struggle staying organized with the daunting task of studying for a major test, especially with the added pressure of uncertain success. We can give your student the techniques to become an effective learner and test taker, and help them learn more about their unique study habits.

  • Consultation

    Providing Invaluable Insight.

    A multitude of factors are important to the admissions process, and it varies by school. We provide insight so you can focus on what is important. We can also help you identify the proper course of action in case things don't go as planned.

    School Selection

    Recommendations on schools that would be the right fit for your child, as well as determining the most suitable environment for your child's unique needs can reduce your time researching and reviewing multiple options in the area.

    Document Review

    Before you hit the "send" button to the schools on your choice list, you can rely on us to provide you with an objective review to help improve the overall appearance of your applications.

    Media Audit

    First impressions matter, especially when people research you online. We can help you cultivate a public persona for your family to make a favorable lasting impression.

  • Essay Writing

    Show off your best side.

    For many students, writing the perfect essay can be rather overwhelming. We can help your student tap into their creativity, allowing them to craft an essay that demonstrates their ability to express themselves at their very best, while at the same time conveying shared values with their school of choice.

  • Interview Coaching

    Building Confidence.

    In most private schools, a successful interview can lead to an acceptance letter. We conduct intensive Mock Interviews and Video Analysis to give you and your child the feedback and insight they need in order to stand out with confidence.

  • Transition Support

    Hitting the ground running.

    After your successful admission, we can facilitate transition into a new environment. As your student gets closer to starting at the new school, we can assist in helping them adapt to the new educational rigors , acquiring Social and Executive Functioning Skills as well as integrating into the new community.

SSAT/ISEE Test Preparation

Because admissions tests are such an important part of your application process, we offer essential preparation for the SSAT (Secondary Schools Admission Testing) and ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) to help your student score at their highest potential.

We provide Fully Aligned Materials for the SSAT & ISEE giving you the best preparation possible.

Why Choose Learning Ridge?

Since Learning Ridge also provides Individualized Tutoring and Specialized Programs for Reading Writing and Math, you automatically get access to all the essential tools to set your student up for success.

That means you won't have the hassle of finding additional people, doing extensive research, and scheduling additional appointments, which may cost you time and could result in diluting your specific academic goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When should I start Admission Preparation for a Specialized School?

    In order to give yourself and your student an optimal advantage, it is advisable to start planning and preparing at least 6-12 months before admission deadline, which usually take place in January and February.

    Example: If you plan on enrolling your student into 6th grade of a private Middle School, you should begin preparation when your student is in the winter semester of 4th grade.

    Get in touch with us to schedule your Opportunity Assessment to get ready in less time.

  2. What do you do during the Opportunity Assessment?

    An Opportunity Assessment will help you identify whether a specialized school is the best fit and help you identify and best course of action by creating a preparation schedule that will put your student on the road to admission.