Orton-Gillingham Reading Tutor

Atlanta - Georgia - United States Part-Time Contract

Math Tutor

Atlanta - Georgia - United States Part-Time Contract

SAT Preparation Tutor

Atlanta - Georgia - United States Part-Time Contract

Design Intern

Marietta - Georgia - United States Part-Time Contract

Summer Camp Lab Assistant

Atlanta, Georgia Supplemental Education

Summer STEM Camp Lab Facilitator

Metropolitan Atlanta Classroom Instruction

STEM Velocity Program Lead

Metropolitan Atlanta Part-Time Contract

STEM LAB Assistant

Metropolitan Atlanta/Various Locations Part Time

STEM LAB Assistant

Metropolitan Atlanta/Various Locations
Position Type
Part Time
Job Description

Are you friendly, patient and resilient? Do you have the type of personality where children enjoy working with you and your fellow friends cannot wait for you to arrive? Are you able to speak up when something goes wrong and provide feedback when something needs to be improved? Then you have a place with us at STEM Velocity, a division of Learning Ridge!

As a Learning Ridge STEM Program Assistant, you will be helping elementary aged students learn how to do some really neat things. They will build, program, and code all under your supervision. You will be responsible for a group of students who want to learn while playing, and you will play while teaching. We are excited in having you join us and cannot wait to meet with you!

Please read through to see that you have the skills to be a STEM Program Assistant and if you think you fit the bill, send us an email or call/text us with your information.

I can work in a team setting.

I can communicate effectively and in a responsive manner.

I know how to multi-task.

I have worked with younger children (I have a younger sibling) and am patient with their learning needs.

I can follow directions and objectives with minimal redirection.

I am punctual and know how to manage my time.


Job Type: Contract

Job Location:

  • Metro Atlanta

Required education:

  • High School Degree in progress| Bachelor's

Required experience:

  • Education/ Tutoring/Experience working with children: 3 months

Job Type: Part-time

Job Type: Contract

Job Location:

  • Various locations in Metro Atlanta


Last Modifled: 09/12/2019

To apply for any one of these positions:

Please submit your resume and references to Learning Ridge at

Please allow us up to 5 business days to respond.