Signature Tutoring™ Tailored One-on-One Support

Ongoing Support Throughout the School Year

During the school year, students sometimes get overwhelmed with their ongoing academic responsibilities. We can help your student stay on track. Whether you're trying to improve grades, guide them through their homework, or prepare them for tests and projects — we've got your back.

Our ongoing success is built on focusing on your student as an individual . We tailor our methods to your student's learning style, and combine it with study skills and learning strategies in order to get the most out of every session.

During every session we provide


We don't believe that a single methodology works for every child. By getting to know your child and observing their individual learning habits, we create a personalized learning solution to help them make progress more effectively. No more trying to fit the round peg through the square hole.

Study Skills

At Learning Ridge, we don't just want your child's grades to go up, we want them the stay up. We don't just focus on subject tutoring, but also on Study Skills and Academic Organization Skills to help them study independently tomorrow.


We keep you in the loop. In helping you better understand your child's strengths and weaknesses, we empower you to effectively help your child when we're not around. At the end of every session we give you the opportunity to discuss your student's progress and your goals.

At Home, Online or at Our Learning Center.

Don't want to leave the house for supplemental education? You don't have to - we'll come to your home*, Tutor with you online, or meet you at a location of your choosing*. It's hassle-free and you no longer have to choose between your daily commitments and your child's future - we're here to remove burdens, not add new ones.

*Availability may vary by location.

Subjects & Languages

Elementary All Subjects; Reading, Writing, Math
Middle School All Subjects; Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
High School All Subjects / AP / IB / Honors
Languages Spanish, French, German
ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

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Test Prep
Essential Study Skills
Homework Help
Classwork Review
Unit Test Preparation 1)
Standardized Test Preparation 2)
Study Guides & Practice Tests 3) 
Progress Monitorings 
Grade Levels5-12Varies
Consultation (School Meetings, Advocacy)
Session Duration 4) 1 Hour Minimum5)
1) Only applies to subject area tests. Preparation services and Materials for Standardized Tests such as GMAP or SAT are not included within Signature Tutoring. 2) Each Standardized Test requires seperate enrollment. 3) Materials that are fully aligned to the specific test. Additional Fees Apply. 4) Every session includes at least 5 minutes of consultation, actual time used for tutoring may vary depending on circumstantial factors. 5) Unless bundled with other students or products.

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